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住客评论 201条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • maple
    Hotel location is very good, convenient. business, highly recommended!
  • ivan887
    Business preferred
  • lwy8109
    And we think it's great
  • babymymini
    Which is very nice.
  • demiplay
    Good hotel, near a lot of food ... very convenient. service attitude is good).
  • jiajia7
    Friends, nice!
  • frogjovi
    For relatives, reflect good, shopping very convenient.
  • avventurina
    Good, feeling at home, suitable for family travel, wash your dirty clothes, washing dries the next day in the evening. also provide luggage shipping service, very convenient, downstairs is the pedestrian streets, shopping convenience. If the lower prices would be nice.
  • oba119
    It wasn't too bad
  • panweidang
    Get tidy very comfortable next time will come again
  • farewell
    Hotel room very nice, complex structures, and kids loved it! room very clean, fully equipped, hot meals, but not cooking, pots and bowls to be leased, but didn't, did not know price. Hotel pedestrian street of Beijing Road, there are a lot of supermarket stores, very convenient!
  • fivestarstore
    Well ... have been used here.
  • cs3774342
    Which is very nice
  • moosesong
  • imbinlee
    Family hotel, is upstairs no toilet
  • animo
    Duplex structure, nice size.
  • brodie
    Also, great location.
  • ambergenius
    1, hotel check-in immediately when paying for your room, and 300 cash deposit cannot brush award, has not entered the room gave money. feel very regular! 2, two air conditioning button normally is a Hall, one room upstairs. results of a dark light, calling us to let people come over, half an hour didn't show up. just one button is the alternate. OK, just when is it. results drive a 16-bed sweating. 3, toilets shower waterMouth is blocking of. wash to half water on bubble to feet. 4, family type apartments has dishes, wash to loaded fruit found dishes oil oil of 500 block a late, various worth! zhiqian live of is same building other hotel, feel OK, location better, this was intends to live that Home Hotel, but they costs became compared high, on selected has this hotel, cheap didn't good goods.
  • friona
  • m02382182
    It wasn't too bad.
  • bobofeng
    Very satisfied with great facility is new, the most comfortable one, is hot for a short time.
  • afeng21
    Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah
  • Awin02
    Rooms are double, very chic, the rooms are very large, Beijing Road, old city center, downstairs to eat lots of Metro station
  • aitiantian
    Very fake.
  • Rainy Yuan
    Just check when the smell of smoke was heavy in the first room, then called the front desk said they'll help us change rooms, service is good, rooms are very clean, is the noise a bit we have lived next door to a family of three, there is lots of food near the road about 5 minutes ' walk from Beijing, location is very good!
  • bugtwo
    Well, a very good environment, clean rooms, very tall on feeling, Beijing Road, is located in downtown, in a quiet, the only thing missing was room was bad.
  • cm_004
    Look upscale, but details of health very badly. sofa cracks all dust, horror
  • a289456841
    Duplex apartments, equipment or line staff are too stiff. invoices not yet send me
  • limi0508
    Good location, close to the Beijing road business, shopping is convenient while you eat. duplex design, child like, family travel, 1.8-meter spacious and comfortable ... the only bad feeling bad health, lots of people coming and going, a little mixed.
  • fxy11057540
    Very good
  • d04862836
    Apartments are complete, but a bit noisy, bathroom has only one.
  • meteorsun
    Room feels very good, next to the pedestrian street of Beijing Road, very convenient
  • ilove1229
    Is the elevator was really hard, shower water
  • laiyuec
    Too bad, the floor not clean inside the wallpaper came off, huge smell of the room, the facility is old, just lots of good, junk, not worth the price!
  • e03793428
    Room is a bit small
  • Cary0218
    A large space, good facilities
  • ellelau
    Nice bed
  • fengtaini
    Is the hot water is not too hot, air conditioning not too warm, sheets and some taste, and others are also good, want to improve!
  • magen
    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes,
  • oldfrog
    Location very good, service is good!, 8/f, lucky Lou, morning tea and convenient even for two days, Beijing Road, in close proximity, downstairs there are malls around, go anywhere easily. called to ask when we are near to the hotel, waiter in advance and help us make a good CHECK IN procedures, one can enter the room, duplex luxury Fang Zan
  • anndy
    The busy moment, live for the first time, nice rooms, good location. other passable.
  • cplusplusplus
    Hotel facilities are very good, the room was big, a small loft. around close to Beijing Road, eating is very convenient for shopping smarter!
  • nasirier
    Have lived here
  • alundilong
    Photos are a lie, look on a tall, is actually very small, six people is crowded, and the place is dirty, dusty, toilet leaking. reception is very poor, in short, very disappointed.
  • jinyi
    Advantages; decoration fine suitable comfortable, location good, near is Guangzhou famous of street, has equipped with washing machine, microwave, refrigerator. bed products also comfortable, bed not too hard. shortcomings, service attitude poor, call customer is not courtesy of tone questioned and warning customer, health care have not clean, also has Shang a households left of garbage Office in. as charges for four star of standard, decoration luxury of standard, why staff service attitude will so bad, is employees of serviceIs not need training of did? regardless of whether has no quality are can to service customer did? if to reminded customer, please to courtesy of attitude for goodwill warm tips, and not directly in phone in loud accused customer not. very not understanding this hotel of personnel quality service. stores as to started himself of brand and service, recommends improve personnel of quality, and strengthening training service consciousness.
  • NicoWu
    Good location, good
  • Nebel
    Around a lot of things to eat, convenience stores are situated downstairs, though in the city centre, but the House was quiet, clean up Auntie to MOP the floor every day, health is very clean, next time will come to live here-
  • dongyiwei666
    Hotel decoration of also is good of, but hot system not know is how back thing, bath to, a half hours heating, is hot bath, also has room of noise bad, regardless of day also is night, door was through even footsteps sound are listening to have clear, more alone others talk, also has apartments of elevator each downstairs are to, at least 5 minutes is elevator to to a floor
  • nlbljw
    Environmental service needs improvement
  • bergen