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Sunshine international hotel in guangzhou platinum palace residence is located in the guangzhou famous bustling commercial shopping center -- Beijing road commercial pedestrian street, adjacent to guangzhou, zhongshan memorial hall, yuexiu park of the municipal party committee, provincial hospital, up and down nine business circle, haizhu square, zhongshan library business circle; With tianhe city department stores.---[View Detail]

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  • e01186423
    Not as confidently, stinks! won't! don't think appointment is well, we might as well pick secured!
  • coolfeng1986
    Traffic is convenient from Beijing Road Station about 10 minutes to walk to do it under the hot water. If people can only take 2 people to live after getting cold water needs to reheat the hotel near Beijing Road pedestrian street
  • anna0521
    Three bed room for three mothers with three children is especially convenient for travel, kids are excited, playing late into the night don't sleep
  • gaolaoy
    Very convenient
  • bj771885
    This hotel really good and affordable, health can be.
  • Awin02
    Rooms are double, very chic, the rooms are very large, Beijing Road, old city center, downstairs to eat lots of Metro station
  • MandyYi
    Hotel good, on in Beijing Road, access is convenient, buy things and find eat of are is convenient, hotel of equipment are is complete, appliances complete, on sofa is dirty of is more stains, may is with too long of relationship's, bath hot really enough, summer for also basic can accept, if like cold weather estimated will cold, toilet set in downstairs, midnight to Shang toilet is pretty hard of, have upper and lower floor run, if midnight not note certainly will fell. also has sheets problem, totalSomething was gnawing feeling that night on foot was bitten a few packages.
  • bugtwo
    Well, a very good environment, clean rooms, very tall on feeling, Beijing Road, is located in downtown, in a quiet, the only thing missing was room was bad.
  • benson0113
    Set has a between three bed room, has a Zhang bed is in living room of, so sofa is short, only a Zhang, sat three or four a people, and has dust. facilities equipment is complete washing machine microwave refrigerator Cabinet tableware are has, is WiFi too slow, with can't. room looks is high-end, bed also is soft is comfortable. maximum of problem is bath water hot have slow, hot 15 minutes wash 10 minutes on will cool, we 6 a people three a Bell are also didn't wash finished, has several behind are is cold water.
  • afdaf
    Location good, the hotel is very close to Beijing Road, booked a Deluxe Suite, characteristics of both apartment and hotel, rooms clean and tidy facilities. eating place nearby a lot. and friends to play, very comfortable!
  • luxuemin528
    Deposit high point ... Friends to go with 500 cash
  • momo_carmen
    Is the bathroom water too slow is too slow!
  • e02152659
    Overall nice, clean, family friendly, fun trips
  • bidonsu
    Very nice hotel
  • antony326
    It's really good, friends are very satisfied, very comfortable
  • nouveau
    Location is very good, where convenient, downstairs is Beijing Road. elevator more difficult, the room was a hair salon next door, living in a hotel by the way hair cut, haha.
  • fxy11057540
    Very good
  • blm007
    Tall and advanced.
  • abaoorange
    Very satisfied
  • maple
    Hotel location is very good, convenient. business, highly recommended!
  • Emaily
    Flower rich port too sudden to v hard work you a processing fee of v
  • susic_ly
    Very good location, above the teem department stores, eat anything around, and some friends, two large beds, enough to
  • gcm627
    If a family tour, this is a great room, a fridge, a washing machine, two bed. outside is Beijing Road pedestrian street and convenient.
  • tls104
    Very clean
  • bergen
  • elsiecs
    Good friends are very satisfactory, next time will come again!
  • pen9988
    Which is very nice
  • oldfrog
    Location very good, service is good!, 8/f, lucky Lou, morning tea and convenient even for two days, Beijing Road, in close proximity, downstairs there are malls around, go anywhere easily. called to ask when we are near to the hotel, waiter in advance and help us make a good CHECK IN procedures, one can enter the room, duplex luxury Fang Zan
  • m00058172
    OK feeling can be, some comments with other users of the same, I was 3 bedrooms, only 1 bathroom, good friends very quickly, no need to wait for a long time. In addition to sofas outside is dirty and the bathroom water, others are OK, but I see the photo is different from the actual furniture was a bit disappointed, down walking Street, mad to buy food is convenient, because the friend's vehicle contained, it is not clear how far the Metro, but also seeIron instructions. Friends all live for the first time this type of place, a group of happy, my friends are like, said will set the next time, as do the promotion, even the taxes service charge 880, 5 people share good level, such as 8 people arrived, moderate hardness, WiFi and smooth, and praise.
  • TianYuan0902
    Nice location. No reception counter in ground floors inconvenient for check in and out as the elevator is slow and full. Inadequate hot water supplies. Nice service.
  • e00865227
    Not satisfied! room bathroom with cigarette butts hot water only 10 minutes gone too hard beds uncomfortable she could feel the shape of spring decoration there are many detail fine enough to experience the duplex renovation also calculate
  • coffeeman202
    Location is good, room is big and family travel preferred
  • Adam_Toronto
    lots of bugs of coches ! will never be back! do not recommand!worse than inns!
  • Miracle78
    Booking system problem
  • jccmj
    Well, better than expected!
  • guobinlin
    Front desk was small, invoicing is also very inconvenient, not day take
  • Aulder
    In General, is to cancel direct online ordering at the front desk before hating depressed out of 80
  • e00145839
    It's not bad
  • dd19870506
    Good location, shopping, and dining is very convenient room amenities, laundry facilities with a drying function is the best, very suitable for families with children. will stay here next time.
  • moya776
    Friendly, fully satisfy me ... very reasonable price, overall very satisfied with, in addition to the speed of the elevator is a bit slow, and no other can be picky.
  • cuiming1985
    Ideally, pedestrian road in Beijing. thermocline, baking washing machine, apartment facilities good. earlier, saw the staff cleaning process is so-so.
  • Angle_fast
    Convenient, quiet, good sanitation
  • encorelala
    It's OK
  • Peter-tourism
    Service and environment were very good
  • brodie
    Also, great location.
  • Vivi1206
    Very convenient, but three bed suite only a toilet, take a shower to go to the bathroom is a bit inconvenient, hotel air conditioner a little bad, not too cold. WIFI OK
  • e02128535
    Very close to the road from Beijing
  • dujun1025
    Which is very nice
  • cplusplusplus
    Hotel facilities are very good, the room was big, a small loft. around close to Beijing Road, eating is very convenient for shopping smarter!
  • luer555
    Good location, very close to Beijing Road. the bed was very comfortable, booked a Deluxe double room, two-story, feels like home. dinner near the hotel and it is also very convenient ... room was clean and tidy, good service attitude. duplex, high cost performance ... recommended!