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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Sunshine International Hotel Apartment (Jinrun platinum Palace store, Beijing Road, Guangzhou) (Sunshine International Apartment Hotel (Guangzhou Beijing Road Jinrun Bogong)), Sunshine International Hotel Apartment (Jinrun platinum Palace Store, Beijing Road, Guangzhou) si trova in Pechino Road Road Street pedonale commerciale, un famoso centro commerciale di shopping a Guangzhou. È adiacente al Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Zhongshan Memorial Hall, Yuexiu Park, ospedale della medicina tradizionale cinese, Zhongshan Library, Shangxiajiu Business District, Haizhu Square Business District. Ha Tianhe City Store, Beijing Road store, Xingxin Store moderno negozio di dipartimento di dipartimento di dipartimento di servizi a nordJinglu store, Qinggong Movie City, Tianzi Wharf, HuiFu Road food Street e altri punti di riferimento del centro commerciale e del tempo libero.Adiacente al bellissimo fiume Pearl, l'hotel è vicino al tour notturno di Pearl River e un 'millenario museo di vetro stradale' in Cina.L'hotel è circondato da Beijing Road, Song Dynasty millennio vecchia strada, grande tempio buddista, City God Temple e altri siti storici. È un must per i turisti cinesi e stranieri a visitare Guangzhou.Sunshine International Hotel Apartment (Jinrun platinum Palace store, Beijing Road, Guangzhou) (Sunshine International Apartment Hotel (Guangzhou Beijing Road Jinrun Bogong)) è un appartamento di lusso costruito con cura da Guangzhou Hotel Management e Operation Co., Ltd.Le camere della villa mostrano lo stile di moda europeo, l'arredamento in stile barocco di lusso, il design del pavimento a balzo, il 360 verticale panoramico ° la finestra a pavimento galleggiante, 42 pollici TV intelligente piatta, Internet a fibre ottiche wireless ad alta velocità e altre strutture, in modo che gli ospiti possano godere del comfort.Sunshine International Hotel Apartment (Jinrun platinum Palace store, Beijing Road, Guangzhou) (Sunshine International Apartment Hotel (Guangzhou Beijing Road Jinrun Bogong)) centro di costruzione di supporto business center, vari tipi di sale riunioni, saloni di bellezza, biglietteria, turismo e altri servizi di supporto per soddisfare le esigenze di conferenza e ospiti d'affari.I primi all'ottavo piano dell'edificio dell'Hotel Center sono negozi e ristoranti del Dipartimento di Tianhe City, e al nono piano sono alberghi e uffici.Soggiornando qui, gli ospiti possono godere della comodità di shopping, di ristorazione, di tutela della salute e di intrattenimento, e sperimentare la qualità di lusso del residence urbano di lusso.Nota: il massaggio ai piedi richiede un supplemento.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • bj_s1
    Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, nice
  • e03164369
    Only a pair of slippers, bath shower, without heating, the bathroom door did not work
  • tls104
    Very clean
  • grace1221
    Which is very nice
  • e01324565
    Is the view outside is not so good, other good
  • amanda
    Bath of water enough hot, wind tube bad of, blow can't, toilet will leaking to Hall! Hotel front desk check out, has one hours are didn't people, call and didn't people listening to! boss also not listening to phone, victims I missed has Shuttle, special poor of hotel, never live had so poor of hotel, yihou don't to this! this what is hotel to of did? you thought guest are is 9 points yihou only check out of did? really poor! hotel not should 24 hours are was value: Class? how can a person have nothing, don't even listen to call his cell phone, there is so much hotel?
  • space330228
    Well, that is not hot enough
  • GG6201
    Very good, will stay
  • m00227015
    Room was good, suitable for a family holiday.
  • l_t_b
    Shower water pressure was too low, the other can, 2nd stay
  • fcvivian
    It's not bad
  • nixiaoyang
    Better than imagined, spacious, it is Beijing Road, easy to find ... very good.
  • moya776
    Friendly, fully satisfy me ... very reasonable price, overall very satisfied with, in addition to the speed of the elevator is a bit slow, and no other can be picky.
  • best_ss
    Good location, but because of the new, so there's decorating tastes, my door is broken, fix it. it's OK!
  • lily0186
  • cm_004
    Look upscale, but details of health very badly. sofa cracks all dust, horror
  • oba119
    It wasn't too bad
  • daisyliu_616
    More suited to outing people, located in the pedestrian street of Beijing Road, in a quiet, but some hotels still decorate the room, noisy. room door has a lock hole, paint fill, but obviously, feeling easily poked away.
  • memorsun
    Also location is good
  • juddie
    All right
  • aaron760602
    Around and went shopping for dinner, very convenient
  • e03313700
    Hotel very of good, loft of pattern also is first times live, for hotel for I also think has set too luxury has, price is is civilians, really think very good. yihou if to Guangzhou also will live here of. two Zhang bed of standard between each Zhang bed are is double of size. House inside has washing machine has kitchen has refrigerator, downstairs is Beijing Road, has supermarket restaurant very more, night also very beautiful, anyway very good.
  • ypwei010
    Well, nice, friendly, the bed is downstairs is too soft
  • BillFeng
  • emilyon
    Beijing Road, hotel is located in the most prosperous and quiet, the room was comfortable, cost-effective. unique is the elevator is too slow, staff indifference can improve the best!
  • generels
  • lisa.xiao
    Bathroom is too small
  • coffeeman202
    Location is good, room is big and family travel preferred
  • allanxxf0522
    25. one or two in the morning in the ventilation ducts are also coming high Dee music
  • candyjerry
    Can also be big enough!
  • laser1997
    Belonging to the family apartment hotel
  • nlbljw
    Environmental service needs improvement
  • ccadafan
  • nunu513
  • arwin
    Poor service attitude
  • arifin8875
    Love, come several times, I felt this good, and clean, the bed was very soft, and washing machines are equipped with a refrigerator, very good!
  • commder
    It can be said to be a good experience, first is the location of the hotel, take the subway by walk from Beijing Road about 5 minutes you can reach, in the brand new hotel building there are many well-known restaurants and shops, whether for meals, and shopping is easy. We were five people, it provides a relatively large room when we entered the room in a luxurious feel with a practical sense! Room very clean and tidy, the rooms usedDuplex design, is divided into two floors, the upper and lower the bed, but the room has only one bathroom, if there are two bathrooms is even more perfect!
  • fantasy2u
    The apartment it self looks great but it could be cleaner.
  • sly_xl
    Very good, very good, guys are playing very happy!
  • Jennie Ching
    Quite good, very satisfied.
  • justcircle
    The geographical position is superior, went downstairs to go shopping, shopping malls crowded elevator downstairs not sitting, decorated upscale, laundry facilities, two beds upstairs, recommends that the upstairs and downstairs a sleep is not disturbed.
  • sunda99
    Support is very poor, no air conditioning, excuses many service personnel to meet General Hotel requirements
  • luer555
    Good location, very close to Beijing Road. the bed was very comfortable, booked a Deluxe double room, two-story, feels like home. dinner near the hotel and it is also very convenient ... room was clean and tidy, good service attitude. duplex, high cost performance ... recommended!
  • sevengoats
    Is not standardized, without reason to cancel the order, the atmosphere!
  • ronala007
    Very good location, not service, did not inform the invoicing to one day in advance, wait to check out, say cannot be invoiced at that time, staff are not trained, still not finished directly interrupt you, accept nothing tell them in a hurry, the result is a super time!
  • swimmin
    Nice inside. good around.
  • e02307760
    Hotel service is poor, a bath towel towel peep yy does not give half a day, slippers and no one, will be a long time before, turned out to say my feet are too big, dumb! I just 40 feet, small feet of ordinary people, sweat!
  • Danton
    Aunt accidentally put on the sheets, have to pay 50 Yuan! super hard to find the hotel, you won't stay.
  • eric5007
    All right
  • coco7700
    Very nice apartments, sanitation didn't say, worthy of the price, the location was excellent, close to Beijing Road, clothing, shelter, food, specialty, and no less, to tourism and the recommended occupancy